New Look Store

Martin BurtonBlog

Those of you that have known the shop since it’s early days will be aware that I have been wanting to make a change to the way the shop looks for a couple of years now.  Well it has finally happened.

It started in the 2nd week of January.  I moved some of the slat-wall around so that I had more space to display products in the retail area of the shop and less space for displaying bikes.  As am no longer selling new bikes I have no need for wall space for them.

Next on a Sunday morning I ripped out the old counters and started building the new one.  This was a big step as it meant that I would no longer be able to service bikes until I had a workspace again.  Also it meant that I wouldn’t have a phone, till or computer until the new counter was completed.  I was hoping that I would have the new counter in place within a week, however like all DIY projects, there were inevitable delays and it took almost two weeks to get the counter top on.

Now I needed to lay the flooring in front of the counter, and stain the woodwork.  Two of my least favourite jobs.  But I am pleased with the results to say the least.  Then began the process of tidying up painting.  I needed to get shelves into the counter and the now empty corner of the shop converted into an information centre for the trails.

Not quite completed, but close enough to relaunch the shop in it’s new form.  The launch went well, I was so busy talking that I neglected to take any photo’s but it was a good night and everyone who turned up were impressed with the new layout.  Also they enjoyed the Coffee that is now on offer to people that visit the store.

So, what is next for the shop?  Well, now that I am focused on servicing, I will be able to stock more parts, and be able to turn around repairs much faster.  I now offer free coffee/tea with every service and free WiFi in the store so you can wait in comfort whilst I fix your bike.  I have now started to open on Sundays, in the hope that you will all use me as a meeting point for your Sunday rides in the Gwydyr forest, taking advantage of the free coffee and warmth that the shop will provide.